Recruiters & Travelers: Why Transparency is a Two-Way Street

Recruiters & Travelers: Why Transparency is a Two-Way StreetTransparency and open dialogue between recruiters and travel nurses is essential. Without transparency, communication breaks down and what you’re left with is either a disgruntled recruiter or an unsatisfied travel nurse. Let’s look at how and why transparency is a two-way street.

When Should Transparency Begin?


When you work with a recruiter, you should expect immediate transparency in their message. Look for specifics about what the position and requirements are. Nothing is worse for a travel nurse than to apply for a position based on what they thought the position was, only to find out it’s not even close to what was advertised. If the recruiter’s organization does not have a policy on transparency in place, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Once the conversation begins with the recruiter, you should expect them to be open and honest throughout the entire process. They should communicate not only their company culture and structure, but the organization’s expectations of the candidate that is hired.

Make sure they have gathered the necessary data to share with you about the assignment. It’s ultimately up to you to determine if the recruiter and the assignment would be the right fit.

Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, be transparent in your expectations, your availability, and your expertise.  The last thing you want is to be put on an assignment in which you are not qualified for or that is beyond your comfort level. The goal of working as a travel nurse is to be independent, work in a great environment and enjoy your interaction with both the assignment facilities and your recruiter’s organization.

Do not agree to an assignment that is 13 weeks long if you are only available 10 weeks.  For a recruiter, this is a huge negative and could impact your relationship and future assignments. If you are uncomfortable taking a certain assignment, speak up and tell your recruiter your reasons. Honesty is the best option!  Perhaps a better assignment will be available to you and will satisfy both you and your recruiter’s needs.

Also, be open about your background and experience. Remember, your recruiter will likely do a background check and will know if you are telling the truth. Starting out a relationship with a lie is not an option; be truthful and transparent in all that you do.

Why Should I Embrace Transparency?

According to an article on, there are four reasons why transparency should be embraced:

Better Relationships

Remember many people leave their jobs because of their bosses not because of their actual job and what is required. To have a better relationship with your recruiter and with your travel nurse, always communicate and show transparency with answering questions. Transparency will create a better relationship that will likely continue for future assignments.

Better Alignment

As a travel nurse, seek to understand what your recruiter’s job is and your role within the organization. If you understand how you, as a travel nurse could impact the organization both positively and negatively, you will be less likely to want to inflict negative circumstances on not only your recruiter, but the organization you represent.  In this instance, transparency creates an alignment of expectations and an understanding that allows for better communication.

Better Solutions

When a problem or concern arises, be open to discussion with one another. If an issue arises within the assignment each of you should be open to discussing the concern and finding a good resolution.  Remember, a problem can’t be resolved if it’s not known about. Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding but you won’t know unless you openly discuss the situation.

Better Engagement

When a person trusts someone, they have a higher level of commitment to the maintenance of that relationship.  More commitment leads to better engagement between the two people.  Transparency increases trust and effort on both sides to engage more fully in the needs that each person has. A more informed and engaged travel nurse will likely stay working for your organization as opposed to one who is disengaged and doesn’t know or seek to know anything about your organization.

Honesty and transparency should always be at the top of your priority in communication. Never hide key facts either about an assignment, or even about yourself as a travel nurse. Once the recruiter and travel nurse relationship has begun, continue being straightforward and honest in all your actions. The key to a successful work relationship and assignment is always open communication!   Transparency is a two way street and if both parties participate fully it is a rewarding journey.

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